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Show 26
May 14, 2015 01:01 PM PDT

Oh, no, its happened again... This is show 26 of the Zzipp and Co Podcast from Weymouth, Dorset, UK.

On this show I include two exclusive interviews and a song from Bob Kirkpatrick.

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Show 25: New Halloween Show for 2014
October 31, 2014 10:00 AM PDT
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New Halloween Show for 2014
This new episode includes a reading of `The Raven` by Edgar Allen Poe and an extraordinary UFO experience from a listener in Derbyshire, UK

Intro by Andi at Desolation Media, Weymouth
Music for `The Raven` by Kevin MacLeod at http://www.incompetech.com

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Show 24
January 21, 2013 12:11 PM PST

Yes, its that time again... It`s the Zzipp and Co. Podcast from Weymouth, UK. This show is something different...A story, a Tribute and more podsafe music. Let me know what you think... Music on this episode: Ana Popovic-Nothing Personal Arnold Mcculler-Dont Go Nowhere All from the Podsafe Music Network Thanks,for the Memories on the Trevor Lawrence Tribute: Ian Sedwell John Marshall Sarah Shrugs Thank you all for your time... All copies of The ZAAG Band Albums are now on sale at CD Baby and other outlets.   For more details look at the ZAAG Band Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-ZAAG-Band/267487393331999

Show 23
March 15, 2012 12:19 PM PDT
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Hello from Weymouth, Dorset, UK.Yes, its another show from me... about time you say!! Yes it is... Married life and work got in the way...but now I am back. I have been busy over the past few months-i created a free mobile app,joined Instagram, SocialCam, Linkedin, and am on Twitter, Myspace, and also have a new blog. Links on the right hand side of this page.


Music on this Podcast;

Bill Kahler - Doyle, Loretta and the Aligator Farm

Billy Jones - Blues Comes Callin`

Adam and the Couch Potatos - The Potato Anthem


Interview Links;

Rethink Charity

Thundercat Racing

You can reach the Zaag Band at thezaagband at hotmail.co.uk or have a look  at their Facebook profile here



Dorchester Online Radio

Kore New Media


Thats all for now folks. See you on Show 24!! Get in touch if you would like my new mobile app that also works on all major browsers.


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Show 22
September 10, 2011 10:06 AM PDT
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Hello, and welcome to Show 22 of the Zzipp and Co.Podcast Show from Weymouth, Dorset, UK.

On this show I include four exclusive local interviews, more podsafe music, podcast promos, News Monkey  and I also tried something new with the Weird Stuff spot... let me know what you think!

Podsafe Music (in order of play)

Jeff Ronay  - Cowboys and Aliens

All of a Sudden - Gold Plated

Andre Bisson - I Gotta Feelin

Brain Bucket - Rocket Science

All Podsafe Music from Musicalley.com

Podcast Promos

It`s A Frogs Life Acoustic Podcast

Braindouche Podcast

Oh No Podcast


News Monkey Links

Arts Bournemouth

Gallery on the Wey

Forlorn Hope Tour


Weird Stuff Links

Philip Schneider

Yukka Mountain

Dinosauroid you can also see a model of the Dinosauroid at the Dorchester Dinosaur Museum


Interview Links

ICCI 360 Degree Theatre

Fox Elipsus at the Lazy Lizard Bar, Weymouth.Buy CDs of Fox`s Music here

The Queens Poetry Nights

Friends of Radipole Park and Gardens


That`s all folks... see you on show 23...


Show 21
June 25, 2011 12:09 PM PDT
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Hello from Weymouth, Dorset, UK and Show 21. Wow, what a response to Show 20!! Very Cheesy.

On this show I include three exclusive interviews, Podsafe music, News Monkey and more.. We first start out at the Wessex Folk Festival...

Wessex Folk Festival


Music included in this show

Arthur Adams - You Can`t Win For Losing

Albert Collins  - Lights Are On But Nobody`s Home

Andre Bisson - Hooked On Love

All from the Podsafe Music Network


Authors Day at Imagine Bookshop, Weymouth

Robin Charles Evans

Carol Hunt

Joe Diomede


The Saturation Exhibition at Weymouth Old Town Hall;

Edwin Schofield

Weymouth Old Town Hall


Jane McKell and AsOne Theatre

Jurrasic Moulds


News Monkey Mentions

Student Radio Station AironAir

Thats all for now. You can contact the Show on our exclusive comment line or email address, on Twitter, Myspace or Facebook... Go on... You know you want too!!

Show 20
May 09, 2011 11:07 AM PDT
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Hi from Weymouth in the sunny UK. I`m back... If you click on the play button above you will activate show 20. This is a show with a theme.. you will have to listen to find out just what that is..


I include two interviews, podsafe music from the Podsafe Music Network, sketches, clips, local Weird Stuff and more... all for free...



Music played in this show;

Big George Jackson Blues Band – Cross Eyed Annie

Beau Hall – Does That Make You Feel Good

Arthur Adams - So Sweet


Podcast Promos in this show;

The Ministry Of Peculiar Occurances

Legends Of The Batman

The Interviews I include this time are;

Mark Anderson at Sandworld Weymouth

Stuart and The Weymouth Levellers Gaming Group

I also include a shout out and send thanks to all my Twitter, Facebook, Myspace and Linkedin followers and friends around the world.I want to give big thanks to Loretta Hale, a follower on Twitter, from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, for the best wishes for the show. Go to her website here

Also I thank   @ Mr Borry and his Staff at The Nook Bar, Brasserie & Hotel  Weymouth for the concept of the show. It`s been fun to put together.

Show 19
March 11, 2011 11:46 AM PST
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Hi and welcome to Show 19 of the Zzipp and Co. Podcast Show from Weymouth, in the wonderful County of Dorset in the UK.

In this show I include an exclusive interview with Yvonne Claridge, Fundraiser, more Podsafe music, comedy and News Monkey news.

Music in this Show;
Big George Jackson Blues Band - Kitchen Sink Boogie
Arthur Adams - Around the Sun

The Shownotes photo this time is the work of Weymouth Sand Sculptor Mark Anderson. You can see more of his work here

Show 18
February 16, 2011 07:05 AM PST
itunes pic

Hi and welcome to Show 18 from Weymouth, Dorset, UK. In this show I include more `Weird Stuff` an exclusive interview with local Musician George Hall (I predict he will go a long way), great Podsafe Music (links below),  News Monkey, and a lot more...

You can now contact me through Twitter/Myspace/Facebook/Linkedin and on my Comment Line phoneline. Leave a message after the tone.

The shownotes photograph for this show is a piece of Weymouth History:

The inscription reads:

In memory of Richard Clark captain and pilot of Weymouth, who in 1583 sailed thence to join Sir Humphrey Gilbert's voyage of discovery to Newfoundland, and of John Endicott who on June 20, 1628, set forth from Weymouth in the ship "Abigail" on the expedition which led to the establishment of the plantation at Salem, Massachusetts

 (erected by Public subscription 1914)

If anybody from Salem listens to this show, please get in contact..It would be fantastic to hear from you...

Music Links in this show:

All Music (unless otherwise mentioned is from the Podsafe Music Network

Chainsaw Dupont & the Blues Warriors - BluesOmatic

Big George Jackson Blues Band - Amtrak

Mike Oldfield vs Christina Aguilera - Not My Tubular Bells Tonight (Video)

Other Links

AsOne Theatre - She Opened The Door 

Weird Stuff Links:

UFO Sighting

Big Cat Sighting

Portland Monster

Dorset Ghost Story

Podcast Promos

Lightening Spliced

Destroy All Media

Show 17
November 19, 2010 08:10 AM PST
itunes pic

Welcome to Show 17 of the Zzipp and Co. Podcast from Weymouth, Dorset, UK.

On this show I include more `Weird Stuff`, Podsafe music, exclusive local interviews, Podcast Promos and more.

As it turns out there are a lot of you out there, so the bandwidth is getting a little expensive for me. If you like my show, help me to keep it on the air. Scroll down the page and click on my tip jar. Paypal me a dollar or two, or maybe even a pound! It`s easy and I would really appreciate it. Also you can buy items from my new Zazzle store. Click on the link on the right hand side of this page.

You can now leave a Comment on my new Comment Line on 01305 898547 in the UK. If you like I can even play your message and mention your name during my next show.

Music on this Show,

The Mining Ship the Red Dwarf - Marc Gunn

You Don't Need An iPod - Uncle Seth

Just Look At You Now - Howard Jones

Thank You For Calling - George Hrab

Weird Stuff Links

Paul the Octopus is dead

Walkers Baffled by ball of light

 "Ghosts" found at county museum

Big cat sighting near Wool

Other Links

Interviews on this show:

Ann Newman at:

Imagine Bookshop, Weymouth

Claire Wiles NTTC DNN CThA Nut. Th. Col S.A.C. Dip (meridian healing ) F.A.E.T.C;

Nutritrain Southwest


Red Dwarf

Chillcast Grooveblaster

Krynoid Podcast

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